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About CyberCook Mini

CyberCook Mini is the ultimate iPhone companion app for the CyberQ Wi-Fi (™) and CyberQ Cloud (™) BBQ pit temperature control systems.  Remotely control and monitor all facets of pit operation right from your iPhone.  Setup and connection are extremely easy in adhoc/hotspot or infrastructure mode.  Sleep easy and worry-free while you’re pit smokes the BBQ you love.  If any pit parameter exceeds your customized settings, CyberCook will wake you up so you can make adjustments.

Record your cook session and view a customizable graph right on your iPhone.  Create a customizable PDF report and email it to your self for printing or archiving. Export session data in CSV, XML and PLIST formats.

CyberCook Mini has been extensively tested during both competition and home use and provides the ultimate in BBQ pit and cook session management.  It’s easy setup and connection, intuitive interface and powerful features make it perfect for pitmasters of all skill levels.

CyberCook Mini Features

  • Optimized for all iPhone models.

  • Supports CyberQ Wi-Fi and CyberQ Cloud models.

  • Easy setup and connection in adhoc/hotspot or infrastructure mode.

  • Supports Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales.

  • Remotely set and monitor pit and food temperatures.

  • Aural and visual alarms activate if pit temperature deviates from user-specified threshold and when each meat reaches the user-specified done temperature.

  • Aural and visual alarms activate if app loses connection to CyberQ device or in the event of a CyberQ power failure.

  • Enter custom names for each meat for easy identification.

  • Remotely set device settings such as ramp mode, alarm deviation, open lid detect, fan cycle time, proportional band, Wi-Fi settings, etc.

  • Customize app settings such as device refresh interval, recording interval and alarm inhibits.

  • Record your entire cook session for review both during and after the cook.  Parameters recorded include all temperatures and temp set-points as well as session meta-data such as event name, date, pit, charcoal, smoking woods, personal notes, and session rating.

  • Automatically download and save weather information from the Internet during your cook.

  • Add session events on the graph to track important events during your cook.

  • Enter detailed food information for each food probe. Food info includes detailed info about each food, notes, ingredients, rating and photos.

  • Customizable graph displays pit and food temperatures and set-points for your entire cook session including detailed information about each plot-point.  De-clutter the graph to display only the information you are currently interested in.

  • Choose from five beautiful graph themes.

  • Display two graphs at once for easy session comparison.

  • Use the graph during your cook session to track pit history and make informed decisions on modifying your cook.

  • Import cook sessions from other iOS devices running CyberCook or CyberCook Mini.

  • Export cook sessions in PDF, CSV, XML and PLIST formats.  

  • Take and import photos using built-in Que Cam. Associate photos with a cook session or food.

  • All new Notification Center allows you to set timers, local time and probe temperature notifications.

CyberCook Mini Features Gallery

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CyberCook Mini Documentation

CyberCook Mini

User Guide

CyberCook Mini

Features Guide


  • Supports iPhone 5s and subsequent generations

  • Requires iOS 10+

  • Requires The BBQ Guru CyberQ Wi-Fi (™) or CyberQ Cloud (™), sold separately

  • Check out CyberCook for iPad

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