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CyberCook (iPad) and CyberCook Mini (iPhone) are the ultimate companion apps for the CyberQ Wi-Fi (™) BBQ pit temperature control system.  Remotely control and monitor all facets of pit operation right from your iPad or iPhone.  Setup and connection are extremely easy in adhoc/hotspot or infrastructure mode.  Sleep easy and worry-free while you’re pit smokes the BBQ you love.  If any pit parameter exceeds your customized settings, CyberCook will wake you up so you can make adjustments.


CyberCook is designed for both recreational and competition pitmasters.  “The 2007 World BBQ Champion team Moonswiners uses CyberCook exclusively and says, “CyberCook is the ultimate companion app for the CyberQ Wi-Fi (™).  We use it at every competition and can’t imagine competing without it."

X-Wind Pro


X-Wind Pro (iPhone) and  X-Wind Pro XL (iPad) are simple, yet powerful applications that compute crosswind, headwind, and tailwind components for takeoff and landing.


Its simple user interface makes it ideal for preflight and in-flight use by pilots of all experience levels.

If you are a pilot that demands high quality data at your fingertips, X-Wind Pro is the app for you!

CyberQ WiFi Sold Separately
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iFlight Decoder

iFlight Decoder (iPhone) and iFlight Decoder HD (iPad) are the perfect apps for pilots to reference contractions, abbreviations and acronyms for Notams, METARs, TAFs and other aviation-related documentation. The iFlight Decoder database contains more than 3500 unique terms derived from official FAA and NWS source documents. All of this data is now available to you in the palm of your hand.


With iFlight Decoder, you will no longer be in doubt about an obscure contraction in your flight planning paperwork. In short, iFlight Decoder is perfect for pilots of all experience levels.